Ecommerce 101 : How to Get Started

Are you a Web Designer or a Digital Marketer who wants to start providing eCommerce services to your clients or are a business that has been operating in traditional methods and trying to expand your business using the internet, then this webinar is definitely for you.

My name is Edward and I have been in the e-commerce space for over 12 years now, understanding the dynamics of the business and have been observing the changes that have happened since the inception of eCommerce in India.

I am interested

Some Brands I have worked with for their e-commerce projects

What will you Learn

What is eCommerce? How has it impacted our lives? How fast is it growing and what’s the market potential?

The different business models under which eCommerce business transactions are taking place around us. Knowing the models would help you identify how would you wish to sell your products/services.

The tools you can use to start your e-commerce business. Which one to choose from the huge list available?

How can you quickly start? What are the other aspects that you need to know before you are able to start?

Basic Intro on Ecommerce and How it has grown over the years.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Get started on your journey to start selling online or becoming the next eCommerce consultant.

Edward George Katchira

Your Ecommerce Expert

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