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My name is Edward George Katchira. Never thought I would be putting a snap of mine somewhere on my own website ever. But found this one good snap of mine. So thought why not!

Since you are on the page where you want to know a bit about me, let me take the pain to write something about my own self. Hope it is not going to be like the donkey praising himself story. Let me try to keep it short and sweet, so that you could read more from the knowledge resources, which I take a lot of time researching and collating, so as to benefit all the readers who take time out of their busy schedule.

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Loved the thought of creating, experimenting and implementing ideas. Ideas have always been a part of my thought process like many people across the world. The only difference between many could be that I was able to implement and try some of them by the grace of God.

Lets go back to the timeline, it was around 2004, during  my engineering days (special mention – took a break, oh yes took a drop, after two years to support the family), got a chance to work for a friend of mine who introduced me to the world of digital. Knew HTML back then, so got a couple of projects from him to make. Post then, wanted to move to the field of selling online. Yes, I was selling books online on ebay before Flipkart even started in India. Tried pitching to a couple of people, but who would want to fund a student, who has taken a break and who may go back to studies again. But the experience was brilliant and which lay foundations to a lot of things that is there today.

Back then, online stores used to be quite an expensive affair, so had to learn some aspects of the online store building process and then never looked back. Was able to work with more than 100 clients across this 10+ years of experience. Be it the big names in the advertisement industry enabling tech solutions for their campaign ideas to the large MNC firms solving small issues with their website or campaign related projects. Thus been able to amass a good amount of knowledge in the digital space.

During this journey met some brilliant minds, whom I was able to connect, interact and learn from. Its been a great learning curve till now. Oh yes, some food for thought –  the learning does not stop. The journey is not yet over and there is a lot more to learn.

What I have been doing

  • Solutions Architect @ Edvance Logic
    Founded and working really hard to provide some great service to clients and also to build some great products that we keep experimenting during our work journey.

  • Building Brands @ EGK Enterprises
    Founded and building retail brands. Kaffo Coffee being the first. We are able to sell over a ton of roasted coffee beans till this pandemic hit us hard. But we are working to stand back again and build great brands.

  • Ex CTO  @ FoodCoWorks
    Being a part of the founding team and have been able to start from 1 Kitchen space to 9 Spaces was quite a journey. Good amount of learnings taken from here.

  • Ex CTO  @ FoodCoWorks
    Being a part of the founding team and have been able to start from 1 Kitchen space to 9 Spaces was quite a journey. Good amount of learnings taken from here.

  • Tech Consultant  @ various Digital Agencies
    This part of my life is called interacting, and learning from some great minds. The different projects, ideation rounds in mind blowing.

  • Solution Architect @ Fill in the Potholes Project
    Part of the founding team. Social Element project, which was to fill the potholes with stories. Which turned to a Pothole reporting app which was crowd funded by the people of Mumbai. This project did get a mention on various media and newspaper publications. Super proud to be a part of this one.

  • Ex Customer Service Guy @ a couple of call centers
    Now this is where i refined by customer service skills. But more importantly, english sudhar gayi!!!

  • Ex Employee @ couple of great start up companies.
    The pleasure was mine while starting of my careers here. Great launchpad.

and lets say tried and failed and still trying on various other things in life. It was fun and the best part, the journey is ongoing…

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